Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodbye 2007

Jeanette and then Brit also inspired me to do a best of 2007... so here it goes, with my limited photo selection and all. I am going to try NOT to think about it too much because I know I will forget some things and I will stress out. I will just do some of the great highlights!

Obviously the most important thing this year was that I married my love and my best friend Chris in the Mt Timpanogos Temple on February 2, 2007. In January we were lucky to be able to go through the temple on the same day with friends and family in attendance. A day I will never forget!!! We had a beautiful luncheon and reception following our wedding... I will try to get those photos on here later when I am at home :)

Our honeymoon in Vegas

Another fun thing that we did a few times this year was go up to our friend Jed's cabin in Bear Lake and also take the boat out on Bear lake and Pineview many times as well.

Brit's Wedding was another great event. It was fun to be a part of and we were all so happy to see her be so happy and marry the amazing Mike!

Bachelorette Party

Chris' and my birthdays are both in August. That was fun to do our seperate birthdays and then his parents threw a fun Birthday bash for us and Chris' Mom as well, she has the same Birthday as me :) I only have pictures from my birthday though...

2007 was also great because I became friends with all the ladies above and below. I really built a lot of great friendships this year. I love you girls!!!

Cooper continued growing this year and also experienced his first HORRIBLE hair cut! I have since taken him to a new groomer who listens to what I say and doesn't cut his nails too short so they bleed, poor guy!

He looked like a girl and was almost shaved to his skin.... I still get angry, obviously ha ha

The next is my trip to Michigan to see my Best Friend Kristi!!! It was so much fun! I have flown with friends and or family but never by myself so I felt like a big girl making all those flights on time and by myself. By the time I got home, I didn't want to fly again for a few months but this was such a great vacation. It was soo good to see Kristi and get to know the more grown up Lucy and see Dave again. What a cute lil family! I love you guys!

A couple of my friends met the loves of their lives:

Jeanette met Jesse and kicked the ridiculous ex out the door!

Steph met Sydney and they are getting married on March 8, 2008... I am a bridesmaid but I can't afford to buy the dress and pay to fly out to the east coast... so sadly, pictures will have to do :(
Halloween was another fun occasion and we had our first Christmas together as a married couple... I don't have the Christmas pics on the computer yet though... Chris still needs to find the cord to his camera ha ha

Rhett got his mission call!!! Nicole got her tonsils out and her deviated septum "fixed", But then they said it is still deviated... sorry sis.

Dad changed the family business from a Big O Tire to an American Car Care and have never looked back. It has proven to be a great decision so far.

Chad moved to Arizona.... technically he moved on the 4th of January but thats close enough. I miss him already!

I think that about does it. I may have thoughts later of things I forgot and continue to update. But as for now here are the highlights of 07. It was a great year and I anticipate 08 being even BIGGER and BETTER!!!!


  1. I hope blogger behaves soon - I want to see more pictures!

  2. looks like a fun year so far... can't wait to ss the rest!

  3. Yay!! I'm glad you posted a Best of '07!! I'm also happy that you had such a great year and somewhat monumental year... and made the friends you did aka me!!

  4. Wow, you've had a very busy year it seems. It feels like you got married just yesterday, I can't believe its been a year(almost!!) That was a beautiful luncheon and reception!!

  5. dari!

    cute post girl! i think i've said this before, but i love your hair.

    totally! just tell me what kits you want & i'll get 'em over to chad! (:

    i usually post my projects online right before the class, so just let me know: feel free to email me wheneva! (:


  6. Wow! It looks like 2007 was a great year for you! You look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding pics! :) Happy 2008, I can't wait to see what this year has in store!


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