Monday, January 14, 2008

Family Pictures!!!

This weekend we headed down to good ole Payson to get some family pictures before Rhett takes off for his mission! Nicole's friend (and family friend) Matt Selman took the photos. He is just starting to get going in his photography journey. He did a great job!!! We hiked out to the old red bridge. It is an awesome old wooden bridge that the trains used to drive over. It is no longer in use so it offers a great photo op. We hiked out there in the snow and went up and down hills and across the bridge and about gave mom a heart attack doing it! (she has a very bad fear of heights but was a trooper and toughed it out, there were some tears shed in the process though... bless her heart) The best part was when we were taking pictures on the track that goes under the bridge... we were all up on the bridge and getting the kids pictures when we heard a train coming, so we jumped down and ran to one side, posed, and took some awesome pictures while the train was driving by. It was a blast- really got your heart pumping. Baby, my parents dog was freaking out and tried to jump out of Dad's arms so in the picture notice his eyes ha ha

It was a lot of fun! We wanted to take Cooper too but he is a bit more "adventurous" than Baby is, so in the pictures we didn't want him in he probably would have ran far away and Matt was the only other person there, taking the pictures. So he definitely couldn't have watched him ha ha Chris' best friend Ian is going to take some family pictures of Chris and I and some with Coopie very soon. So we will post those as soon as we get them taken :)

The cute Gordon's and Perry's


  1. Love the pictures! I am so glad that you updated! I really needed a break in the work day!

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  3. I hate heights too...scare the begeebers out of me. I wouldn't have been a trooper like your mom. Family pictures...aren't they fun! Dogs are too hard to get into pictures anyways...we tried to get one with both dogs for Cregg and Susan for Christmas- out of all 4 of us me and Daren were the ones who looked awful!

  4. You guys are so adoreable! red bridge is a pretty cool place! we used to go there alot in my old 4 hour science days... (wierd that I was in 4 hour...anyway...) way cute pictures!

  5. what an adorable family! your pictures look amazing... what a cute idea with the train tracks!

  6. Those are great pics! YOu have such a good lookin fam! :)


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