Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My boys

I thought I would do a quick blog about the cute boys in my life, aka Chris and Cooper! They are my loves and make our home so fun and cozy.

Chris is one of those awesome husbands that likes to do surprises for me... but then he can't wait that long so he tells me or gives it to me early ;) He is very sweet and thoughtful and always makes me feel beautiful and loved. Even though people think his nick-names for me don't sound the sweetest... pee head or pee for short ha ha I just think its hilarious. {especially when he got me a Birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Pee Head"} I would go on but our Anniversary is less than a month away and I will write a great blog for that. P.S. He likes to take pictures of himself with my phone and make them my screen saver, this is his latest :)

Cooper... well Cooper is a bundle of trouble. He is the cutest dang thing around but he has taken a few detours on the way like: peeing on the carpet in the front room repeatedly {in the same places luckily so we always knew where to scrub} I believe he has passed that phase. That may have been my Christmas present cause its been at least a month since he has done that {knock on wood} When he was a small lad, he liked to chew on our walls, mainly the corners of the walls so we need to get Chris' dad over to help us patch the spots and touch up the paint. I could go on and on but I don't want to scare people that don't have pups and may want one at some point in their life. He is worth it, I promise! ;) The good things about him are: he loves his mommy and will sit by me and cuddle me non-stop, he will do AWESOME tricks to earn a treat, he is smart and when I tell him to go find his "monkey" he will run around the house, find it and bring it back. But most importantly he loves Chris and I and is the most adorable pup I have ever seen!! {obviously, he is like our child at this point;) }

Thanks boys, I love you lots!!! <3


  1. how cute. I love odes to....whomever. You are so sweet Dari-all you do is compliment & rave about your loved ones.

    note: that's a good thing

  2. I agree with Ashley. You really are a gem and a sweethearted soul. Your men (aka Chris and Coop) are lucky to have you in their lives, and I am glad that they make you so happy.:)

  3. Dari, hey, it's Erica(Daren's wife) I found you! I loved this post. I love dogs, everything about them. Ok, thats a bit extreme but I do love dogs. My pups are my children too.

    It was entertaining to read all your older posts. Daren was laughing with me since he knows your family much better than I would. Hope you don't mind. I hope we can be blogging buddies, I feel I don't know the Gordon's way well since we live all the way up here.
    Our blog is

  4. Ha ha! I love how much you love your loved ones too!

    Cooper gets away with too much though. You need to beat him every once in a while, so he knows who's boss! Actually, if you get one of those shocking collars, you can just give him a good buzzing when ever he does something naughty. Well, actually, you could give him a good electric shock whenever you're having a bad day too. It makes you feel so much better.

    Also, it's still cold in Utah. One night left outside will really make him grateful and obedient as well. I remember one time I didn't feed Ruby for a whole week. She didn't even have the strength to run around causing problems. Just make sure you rotate water every other day. She just laid in her kennel and didn't make a sound. I think that's the prescription: electrocution, starvation, a little force, and no more love! He'll be a good little dog in no time! Ha ha!

  5. hey pee head!
    i love that... i'm so glad i found your blog. (thanks britt)
    you guys are so flippen cute. lets please play with everyone soon!


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