Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok so I am way behind... but I have not had a computer with internet to upload my pics to yet... because Chris can't find his camera cord and my computer at work doesn't have a place for a memory card ha ha But I stole a pic from Kristi to tide you over until I get the rest of them on here. Mind you the picture is awful and hilarious but will do ;)

Wednesday 10/10- I got up at the butt crack of dawn to get to the airport because my plane left at 6 in the am.... Flew all day and got to Michigan at 3pm (5pm here) with one layover in Phoenix. We went and grabbed a small bite to eat and it was off to Kristi's cute town house/condo. We just relaxed, played guitar hero and went and ran some errands. There are a lot more black people there then there is here obviously and at Walmart and Meiyer Kristi and I stuck out like a sore thumb ha ha

Thursday 10/11- LAZY DAY!! We watched trashy day-time TV aka Maury- whatever happened to his show... we watched movies and ate left over Indian food from the night before and cookie dough, yummy. That night we ventured out to Nordstrom, after Dave got home from school and could watch Lucy. I found some fabulous boots and some new Hudson jeans! Kristi found some cute jeans too. Then we tried to find Ikea but failed miserably and ended up in the "shoot em up" part of Detroit. We quickly turned around and headed back to where we came from! Then we ended the night by eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, but I wasn't in the mood to put that much effort into a tiny piece of meat, so I had a salad...

Friday 10/12- This day was fun! We decided to be ambitious and get ready before lunch (almost) We headed to downtown Ann Arbor. It was really cute down by campus (the University of Michigan, where her hubby attends dental school). They had great shops (Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc.) We looked around and ate lunch and I bought some great stuff at Urban Outfitters! We need one of those in Utah! I hope the rumor is true of one coming to the Gateway. That night we went to the Whole Foods Market and got some great sandwiches on Foccasia bread and mini pitas with hummus! We also rented a movie and watched that.

Saturday 10/13- Back to Nordstrom, to the "Free Tricky Hem Day", if any of you shop at Nordstrom, you know this is a great thing! Normally to do the original tricky hem alteration, it is like $18. So Kristi was all over that. Then we shopped at that mall, great stuff! H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, lots of designer stores too but I am not made of money ha ha. We grabbed some lunch looked some more and I got great shirts and a dress at H&M and we headed back. We were spent by this time so we took a nap and then Dave and Lucy joined us and we went to eat at a cute pub in downtown Ann Arbor. Yummy fish and chips with artichoke tater sauce... it was tasty!

Sunday 10/14- Church, they have a fun ward with lots of younger families because its a college town. We came home and relaxed and ate some food and then I was off to the airport around 4:40pm to catch my 6:00pm flight home. My flight in Phoenix was delayed so I didn't get home until after 1:00am... I was tired. So I took the next day off work as well to recoup and spend some time with my honey, whom I missed so much while I was gone.

It was such a great vacation and I was so glad to have the opportunity to go. I forgot to mention that Lucy loved me and followed me everywhere and would sit by me in the love sack all the time and would share my food with me ha ha she is a gem!

I am glad to be back to normal life though. I realized a lot more, how much I love Utah! I missed the mountains and the friendly people and the sunny days and the not so scary news on TV every night. It was very green there but I still love Utah nore :) Thanks Kristi, you sure are a great BFF!


  1. So fun!! I'm glad you got to go have such a fun vacation! I hope Urban is coming to Utah too! That would be amazing!

  2. It's always nice to go see an old's the best! I'm glad you had a killer time! Her baby is super cute!


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