Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday!!

Just a couple quick things. First and most importantly, Cooper finally got a "fur cut"! Yay!! I do love him as a shaggalicious puppy but he tends to not be able to see as well and I have to brush him constantly so he doesn't get little tangles in his fur. He looks so cute. They put a lace bow in his ear but Chris threw that away immediately. He is a boy dog after all ;)

{don't mind the messy bedroom, this was on my way out the door this morning}

Second, the New Nervous play tonight and they haven't played for a while so this will be a fun show. They are playing with Another Statistic who is also a great band, but sadly this is their last show as a band... Because Elaine the drummer and singer is now in Neon Trees and I believe some of the other members are doing new schooling ventures and other things like that. The show starts at 8pm at VELOUR in Provo. So if you need something fun to do, come to this show and rock out with Chris and I and all the buds :P

I hope you all have a fun weekend!!!


  1. I'll be honest since seeing your horror story of Cooper's first hair cut I'm nervous to get Meli's cut...she's desperately needing it now though she's looking a little mangy. Yeah, no bows for boy dogs, I agree with Chris!! When I had Moke I was really excited because I wanted to get his hair cut into a mohawk..but unfortunately that never got to happen. But I have Meli now so I'll think up something fabulous!

  2. Hey Dari...its great that everyone can keep in touch through these blogs..its good to see your doing good..

  3. What a cutie! What type of doggie is he? lol..that's so funny, I have a little shih-tzu named Gino. I got his first big boy hair cut a couple of weeks ago. I miss how he used to look like a little running rug, but I don't miss the brushing ;)

  4. He is a yorkie poo and is a good little doggie, most of the time. I love shihtzu's. My parents have one and he is surprisingly mean, unlike most shihtzu's. But luckily he loves me!


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