Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday- M83 concert!

This weekend I went to the M83 show and man was it good!  It was their first time playing in Salt Lake City and I can guarantee they will be back again!!! The band was so enthusiastic and energetic and Anthony the main guy was so sweet and appreciative of the audience.  The show was sold out and the energy there was amazing!!  I kind of wished that I would have been on the floor for some of the show to dance with everyone but I did a little dancing on the balcony and had a stellar view of the stage. The girl that toured with him and played keyboards and provided vocals was sooo good.  I loved her!! She is Morgan Kibby and she was so energetic and her voice is beautiful.  I think I may have a little girl crush on her!  I went with Chris, he bought the tickets for me as a Christmas gift, so we have been excited for this show for quite a while.  I still get giddy thinking about it.  Sometimes I feel like and old lady at shows but I don't feel like I will ever outgrow that thrill of going to a live show.  (Luckily last night was an older crowd mostly.) When Lola gets a little older I want to start taking her to some shows too.  Chris and I both have a passion for music and that is something we want to pass on to our children.   

Here are some pics and vids from the show

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