Monday, April 30, 2012

Books and Life

I have to apologize for being a terrible blogger lately.  I think we all go through periods where blogging just isn't a priority.  I am behind on reading blogs and watching my shows as well... and that is all because I can't stop reading!!  I have read 9 books in the last 2 months, I believe, (it may be more) but now that I am on a roll, I am afraid to stop or start watching my DVR because it will get me off of my reading streak.  I tell Chris that I am bad at leisure-time mulit-tasking.  If I start watching shows and night then I will stop reading and if I am reading lots then I really don't have the desire to watch tv.  Lola has probably been loving life because she has had free-reighn to watch whatever she pleases on the tv's.  ha ha  The reason for all the reading was because my ereader that I got a couple years ago has an issue and won't load my purchased books so Chris bought me a Nook Color and ever since then I can't stop... and I love it!

This last week we were pretty busy!  It was a lot of fun though! Here is a run-down of the events with photographic evidence for most of them...

Weds we fed the missionaries.  They were very nice young-men and true to form (for Wenesday's, becuase I watch my cousin that day as well) I procrastinated and didn't get dinner started on time so I fed them hot and ready pizza and breadsticks and delicious peanut butter bars from Kent's.  They didn't seem to mind, but I felt like a lazy butt and felt guilty for feeding them unhealthy food.  Oh well, I told them to jog instead of walk that night to make up for it ;)

Thursday night we were lucky enough to be invited to go to the Jazz game by my aunt and uncle and they took my sis Nicole and her hubby Sean as well.  They have amazing club seats that my uncle's dad buys as season tickets every year, for their family and they all take turns using the tickets.  We got close and free parking and were able to go eat at the delicious buffet at the top of the Energy Solutions Arena before the game and were on the floor, 4 seats down from the players seats.  We felt like movie stars ha ha, we are normally in the nose-bleeds so this was foreign to us.  At half time we switched seats with Nicole and Sean so they could sit on the floor and then we sat in the seats that were right behind the players, so not too shabby either.

ha ha caught you itching your butt!

Friday we went to dinner with some friends to 'Soul and Bones' in Ogden, it is a New Orleans style BBQ place.  It was pretty good.  I wouldn't pick it again, but if I was invited I would go ;)  I would prefer Famous Dave's over that place any day.  But we had a great time and made some new friends!

The rest of the weekend, we went down to my parents house and went to my cousin's baby shower for her and her twin baby girls that she is expecting and hung out with the family and then went to the M83 show.  

On Sunday we went to the in-laws and  Owen and Lola were playing in the backyard and Owen was being so cute.  He kept trying to shoot the basketball in the hoop.  He loves it when we pick him up so he can dunk it.  I think that boy is going to love sports because all he wants to do is throw balls and shoot hoops ;)  I think genetics are on his side, wink wink.

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  1. Wait, hold up. What books have you read? And what books are you planning on reading!!


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