Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spooky Time Activities

Last Weds I was getting ready to go to Vegas and I decided I wanted some fun, quality time with the kids.  I had been wanting to make some glitter pumpkins so I went to Michael's and got the supplies and found some fun crafts for the kids to do.  We had a great time!  I was watching cousin Millie so she got join in on the fun.

Lola making a Halloween necklace

Owen staring... he loved to play with the markers (lids on)... oh and a clean diaper ;)

Making her Halloween ornaments, with markers and glitter glue!

My favorite pumpkin with ombre sparkles!

3 more pumpkins, the big one was waiting for its 2nd coat

Lola being silly in her car with a funny smile

Owen boy looking like a model

That night we went to dinner with Chris' parents before I left and then we poked around the mall for a bit to get the kids out of the house and we tried the cutest hat on Owen boy!  I probably would have bought it if he would have kept the dang thing on... notice Chris holding Owen's arm down because he kept pulling it off.  What a cutie!


  1. I LOVE the glitter pumpkins!! And you are such a fun mom to do fun crafts with your kids!

  2. Love the hat Owen tried on and those pumpkins are way cute!


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