Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Big Fall Weekend

Back in the first weekend of October we had so much fun!  I was excited to be able to be with the family and listen to General Conference for my church.  Saturday morning I helped my mom around the house while listening to conference and then we decided we wanted to start a new tradition and go hike (I use the word "hike" loosely, it is very easy and the perfect length for a 3 year old) the Grotto in Payson Canyon in between the sessions.  The leaves had just turned beautiful fall colors and the weather was warm and nice.  We had a lot of fun and are excited to do it every year now, with more family members too. 

My mom and Lola

Cutest fuzzy caterpillar ever!

Owen being the happiest little cheeser!


...and again :)

at the Grotto (the iphone had a hard time focusing with the moving water...)

Crossing one of the bridges

My sweetest curly-haired boy!

Me and my babies

Then after the Grotto we were lucky enough to be invited to Max's birthday party!!  His grandparents live 2 houses away from my parents and their family are good friends of ours.  Max had a train party and they rented a 'train' and everything.  It was such a cute party and the kids loved it and came away with loads of goodies!  Thanks Collette for letting us come!


Christi and Max

That night we had a girl's night out and of course Owen boy came too.  We did some shopping at Sam's Club for all the cooking my mom was preparing for on Sunday and Lou was being a ham as always.  It is so hard to get a decent pic of that child.

Lou with her fav aunt Nicole! (I love Lola's blazer, thank you boys section at DI!)

After Sam's we ate dinner at Los Hermanos (Owen ate a bunch of refried beans and avocado, such a big boy) and then got some frozen yogurt and headed home.  I had so much fun and love that I am so close with my mom and sis, they are the best!!

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  1. Okay, I LOVE your yellow shirt! I'm glad you guys made it for a ride on the train! Didn't you love my mom's huge overalls!


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