Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another year older and wiser too...

Well today I turned 28 years old. I think that is great, age is just a number right? I prefer even numbers so I have a feeling this is going to be a great year! Today we spent time with family-going to my cousin's birthday party that Lola was invited to, going to the library with Chris and the kids and then a BBQ with Chris's folks and their old friends that are visiting. I share my birthday with my mother in law as well as my cousin, so I have learned to not be selfish... ;) But it's ok to be a little selfish on your birthday, right?

Last night Chris and I went to dinner at Tucanos with our friends Jon and Meagan and shopped at the Gateway. We had a lot of fun and I spent the birthday money people had given me :) I love birthdays so much and have had fun reading the sweet texts and Facebook messages everyone has been sending so thank you very much!!

Here is a pic of Owen and I at Chase's b day party today.

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