Monday, August 15, 2011


Lola is such a sweet girl and lately she is being a cute little mommy and sissy too. She is great with Owen and he thinks she is the funniest, most special lady around. She has been more interested in dolls lately and has been so cute with them and with Owen. Here are some examples:

Reading to Owen

Wearing her doll like mommy wears Owen.

 Playing patty cake, very intensely, with Owen. She did it so nicely the first time, then she realized I was recording her and got silly and a little crazy. She was born being intense...seriously.


Last, she loves to bathe her babies lately and so she gave her doll a bath in the sink, put lotion on her, wrapped her in a towel, put her in the swing and turned it on. It was precious!

I'm glad that Lola loves her brother and wants to be a good mommy to him and her dolls. She is such a fun girlie!

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  1. I love that girl! She is always so cute with Elanora. I love the video of her playing patty cake with Owen, so funny.

  2. I love your 'intense' little gal! She is so cute. Love the babywearing pic too, that is adorable! I can't believe how much bigger she has grown since I even saw her last (Owen too)!


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