Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maxi Skirts

What do you guys think of Maxi Skirts?  Do you own any and if you do, do you like it/them?

They have been an up and coming trend lately.  I decided that I LOVE them!  Here is the problem, Chris said he doesn't like them, sad face.  But that usually doesn't stop me from wearing things I like.  He is always nice about what I wear, even if it isn't his fav :)  Here are a few Maxi's that I found and love!

{scroll over the pics to see where they are from, I am too lazy to go back and link them all...} 


  1. I think maxi skirts are very stylish and they can even be sexy ;) I like that you dress for you and not the hubbers. hehe. I do the same. I value his opinion, but I also need to feel good in what I wear.

  2. Love Maxi skirts and dresses! They are also really comfortable:)

  3. I love maxi skirt. Typically the word is they're not super flattering and have a tendency to make you look stumpy. But I don't care. I'll wear them with high wedges for leg length. So comfortable and breezy.


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