Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Happy Easters"

If you have seen Nacho Libre then you will enjoy the title. That movie is hilarious! Anyway, this Easter was so great. I love having holidays to spend time with the family and realize how truly blessed we truly are. In church we watched a movie about the Atonement in Primary with the children and it is always so hard for me to watch. That really was the ultimate sacrifice and to think that it was for all of us so we can live again. I am so grateful for what Christ did and am glad that Easter serves as a reminder of that every year. We always try to keep the focus on that and not get overwhelmed with the festivities but of course we have to have some fun as well! So here is a rundown of our weekend.

The annual BBQ and Easter egg hunt at Aunt Jan and Uncle Brad's on Saturday.  This was the first year that Lola could get the eggs on her own and she was so excited.  Last year we still had to do most of it for her. ;)

The loot

This is how our day went on Easter.  Lola was extremely excited that the Easter bunny came to see her.  She loved her Easter dress, little toys and treats that he left.
Her light up Easter egg necklace
Both kids with their bunnies

In her Easter dress

Her cute hair.  Side note: My mom used to do my hair like this when I was little and I LOVED it!

Both kids in their new church clothes.  Obviously Owen is NOT impressed.

Playing with her toys.

Now that is better, he just wanted his mommy.

The tree in front of our house is so pretty right now.
After church we went and had dinner with Chris's folks and got some great gifts that the Easter bunny left there as well!  Then we came home and went on a family walk.  We can't wait to do this every night when the weather gets better, but for now we take advantage when it isn't freezing.  As you can see, it was still a little chilly for the kiddos.
Chris and Lou

Owen boy in his stroller with Lola's baby blanket ha ha

Owen and I, don't mind my posture... I am working on that.
We had such a fun weekend and hope that you did too!  I can't believe that it came and went so quickly.


  1. I love Lola's Easter dress and sandals! Adorable! Hopefully she has forgiven Isaac for being such a bully!

  2. Her Easter Dress is so cute, I saw that and loved the bright neon yellow! She got some great treats it looked like! Owen looks SOO much older, ha, what a big guy! I love seeing pictures of your darling family!


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