Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Outfit to Share #4

This is the Sunday edition and Lola wanted to get in on the fun too!  So there are a few pictures to share :)

Lola and Baby Sleeping Beauty as well (sorry for the bad quality)
So you can see the details on the skirt.  I love this skirt!
Lola being silly!

My outfit:
Cream Shirt- J. Crew a while ago
Red Cardi- Nordstrom
Skirt- 56 West
Sandals- Target (same as here)
Bracelet- Charlotte Russe a few years ago

Lola's Outfit:
Dress- Baby GAP
Tights- The Devil (aka Walmart)
Shoes- Baby GAP
Headband- Lou & Lee


  1. You and Lola always look so cute:)

  2. Hey! Thanks for the mention, Dari! I love that skirt too! Hope to see you soon. Chelsey


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