Wednesday, December 1, 2010

34 Week Update

I hope you guys aren't getting sick of these, they are great for journaling but may be boring for you guys.  Bear with me, we are almost done!

I went to the Dr yesterday and things are going great.  He said the baby is measuring around 7 LBS or so.... it surprised my Dr but not me, I know how we grow 'em.  He said he is healthy and strong and he took a pee pee pic for me... not sure why. ha ha  I guess since you can't get good face pics when they are this far along that is what I have to settle for.  I was giggling about that one.  But we are reassured, yet again, that Owen is indeed a boy! 

My Dr has decided to stop delivering babies at the end of this year and go back to normal gyno stuff and reconstructive surgery for varicose veins.  I am so sad to hear this but was very glad to know that he will for sure be performing or at least assisting on my C-section.  The baby is so huge that he is thinking we may be able to bring this baby into the world on December 31st and make his "no more delivering babies" deadline.  I would be his very last delivery. :(  I am anxious about getting a new OB for baby #3 (whenever that may be) but I know he will leave all of his patients in trusted hands and there is always the option of the other great Dr's that are already at the practice.

Anyway, I am getting so excited for Owen to get here and can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like and kiss his squishy baby cheeks and dress him in all the cute clothes my mom and I have been collecting. 

One of my good friends at work had her baby today and I am so excited to meet him.  He was 9 LBS 5 OZ so we will have to see if Owen beats that... I have a feeling he will since Lola was bigger than that.  But only time will tell.  I am very jealous that she got to meet her little guy already.  I think it would be so fun to have a new baby for Christmas!

Here are the 34 week pics, they are back in the bathroom because, like I said, my friend at work just had her baby so she won't be here for for a couple months or so while on maternity leave.  You lucky peeps get "lactation station" pics until the baby is here muah ha ha


  1. I'm thinking the January 31st is actually December 31st? If so, I can't stand it! You're soooo close! I enjoy these posts, shows me all the things I can look forward to.

    When we'd show people our 3d pictures of his face, everyone would ask how we could tell he was a boy from those pictures. I said why on earth would I want a 3d picture to show the world his goods? I believe people should just trust me when I say he's a boy.

  2. You are so right Erica, it is December 31st, I just changed that. I am losing it. At least I can blame it on pregnant brain for about 4 more weeks. After that, I am screwed!

  3. Did I ever tell you that when I was huge pregnant Mike would sing The Beach Boys "Round Round. Get Around. I Get Around." But he changed the words to "Round Round. Big and Round. You're Freakin Huge."

    What a nice man. I love him so much.

    You look great and I like your outfit:)

  4. ha ha Kel, that sounds like Chris. When he would see me and my pregnant friend walking together at work sometimes he would say things like, "What up, pregnant hoes". Classy! That sounds terrible but that is just Chris and we would laugh so hard since it is obviously not the case.

  5. You look great!! We are so excited for you guys!

  6. Oh, you know how I LOVE big babies!! I can not wait to meet him, and I seriously can't believe how close you are to having him!!

    PS. I saw on one of your facebook status updates that you are supposedly "swollen"...but I'm just not seeing it in these pictures Dari dear, honestly, you look amazing!!

  7. The 31st would be awesome!! (plus you will get a good tax return!)Let me know what you decide and if you need anything! Good luck! You look so cute!

  8. you look wonderful, and i can't believe how big your Lola was! wow! sounds like Owen is going to be a healthy cutie patootie :)

  9. Dari you are the cutest pregnant lady! I'm so jealous I've always wanted the first or last baby of the year (let alone somebody's baby career!) I love the name Owen. Baby boys are so fun, I'm so excited for you.


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