Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday- Fistful of Mercy

How can you go wrong with Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son) , Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur?  Fistful of Mercy formed earlier this year and have been performing in the last few months as a formal band.  They have a little bit of a twangy, folk sound to them and a lot of soul.  Plus Tom Morello has a  guest appearance on this song, so you get the awesome guitar effects as well.  Chris introduced me to these guys recently (he is obsessed!).  I like the different sounds and instruments they incorporate to make this a refreshing and welcome new sound amongst the waves and waves of pop and hip-hop singles the music industry keeps pumping out.   Don't get me wrong, I acquire new "guilty pleasures" every now and then but never would I even consider buying the whole album those songs are contained on.  Sorry folks. :) Anyway, back to the task at hand...

"Father's Son" from the album "As I Call You Down"

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