Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnancy Woe's...

....Ok not really but here are some annoying things as of late.

  • The fact that I failed my glucose test and have to do the 3-hour version tomorrow.
  • I have the pregnancy snores.  My sweet hubby, in the nicest way possible, informed me that it is nearly impossible for him to sleep in bed with me due to the fact that I snore, like the fat person I currently am, and he tries to wake me to, to no avail.  #thingstheydon'ttellyouaboutbeingpregnant
  • I am getting more and more uncomfortable at night and toss and turn constantly. (my hips aren't super sore yet, so I can't complain too much)
As of last Tuesday baby Owen is measuring a couple weeks big and weighs approximately 2 lbs 11 oz.  Sadly he was not in a good position to get a face shot... or any shot for that matter.  But that is ok, because he is healthy and strong.  I can't believe that there is less than 3 months left.  It is so exciting!

We got family pictures this weekend.  My mom forced me to.  I was not excited about the thought of being pregnant in them.  But my mom said she had to send out Christmas cards and couldn't wait for Owen to get here around New Years.  Oh well.  We had them take a few shots of Chris, Lola and I so you may be getting a Christmas card this year, if I am feeling ambitious!

Wish me luck with my torturous 3 hour starving glucose test tomorrow!  I will let you know the results when I get them.


  1. Good luck w/ the long glucose test tomorrow! I hade to take it w/ Isaac. Just remember to take a good book with you! You look great!

  2. I posted a comment... it cleared it. Lame. So anyways, I'm impressed you get into a deep enough sleep to actually snore. Thankfully Daren is a very deep sleeper.

    3 months?! That will come so soon. I can't wait to meet the little guy. Let's make sure it happens much quicker than it did with Lola!

  3. You poor thing. That 3-hour test is pure hell. Hopefully it doesn't make you as sick as it made me. Call me if you get bored. Good luck!

  4. ack i'm sorry you 'failed' the glucose test. hope the longer one gives you better results. apparently i am snoring now too :)

  5. But you are so cute pregnant!!! :) I love it! I want a christmas card! I want to also send them...but I have to do that like...NOW for them to get there in time. LOL better get crackin!

    Good luck on the yucky test! Love you!

  6. that really sucks that you failed the glucose test. i felt so sick during the 3 hour test i just focused on not throwing up. cute cardi by the way.


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