Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Happenings

Last week was a lot of fun! It started Weds with book club. We (or they, I slacked this month) read the Maze Runner. I fully intend to finish reading it... someday. I have little to no patience for reading sometimes and this last month was one of those months. Am I the only one who gets reading A.D.D. from time to time? We were missing a few ladies but hopefully they will make it next month. We went to The Pie and had some great cheese sticks and the most expensive pitcher of root beer known to man and some crappy pizza. Ya apparently we picked a bad pizza or a bad night. But we did have the cinnamon sticks for dessert and they helped make up for it! I love these ladies SO much!

J-nut, Brit and I

Amanda, Cheryl and Meagan

Then Friday we headed down to good ole Payson. We ate some Chinese buffet and went to "Not Just Coffee" (sad that they have to name a coffee shop that to get business in lil P town ha ha) and got smoothies and I got a delicious pumpkin spice chai smoothie style. Ya food was the highlight of that day for me!

Lola at the coffee shop, telling her uncles to, "come get me!".

Saturday we went to the Fall Farm Fest and it was at the cutest house in West Mountain, they had craft booths, pumpkins, a little petting zoo, hayrides and a bounce house. We got Lola some popcorn and Mammah bought her a bracelet and she pet the animals. The booths were lacking, I should have had one there ;) but it was pretty cute beside that.

Lola was very brave and pet the animals but she was a little reluctant and kept saying, "eeww" and "poop".  Yes Lola, it did smell like poop.  She is very perceptive.

 on the hayride

 Chris, Nic, Lola, Mom and Ryker
 note to self: that shirt is NOT flattering on me....

Later that day we had family pictures and I am very excited to see them even though I am 7 months pregnant... we wrapped up the night with some good old Chuck a Rama with the fam.  You must admit that their scones and honey butter are bomb!

 Lola at the family pictures


  1. I can't believe how fast Lola is growing up. I love some of the faces she has in those pictures. I can't wait to see the family pictures, that dress is DARLING!

  2. I would definitely make sure to read Maze Runner, I really enjoyed it! The sequel came out this week, but I haven't started it yet. I get in those reading ruts too, and I just have to find the right book to get me out of them! Farm Fest looks like it was a lot of fun! I may have to check it out next year.

  3. I love The Pie. Maybe it was an off night? And yes, the root beer is expensive! I think that shirt look great on you. Be sure to post the family pics!

  4. I recognize that house out on West Mountain. I'm such a die hard for Utah and southern Utah Valley. Love that place!!!

  5. Hey thanks for visiting me while you were down!! It was great to see you!

  6. I can't wait to see your family pictures! Lola's dress is ADORABLE! I want one in my size.


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