Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Here are a few things that are making me happy inside and out!

  • Lola is potty trained... welp, we are still working on the poop in the potty part.  But she has the pee down pat and even sleeps with panties on!!!!  Yay for only one baby in diapers at a time!
  • My mom came up yesterday and we had a great time!  Nicole got to come up and have lunch with us as well.  It will be a Bajio trip not soon forgotten... wink, wink Mom and Nic.

  • My sweet Mom bought me the Minnetonka moccasins I have been wanting.  But not before I talked the salesman down 30%.  Go me!  I didn't work retail for 6 years for nothing!
  • I am going to hang out with some sweet ladies from my ward tonight, Girl's Night Out!  I am a little nervous though, I don't have lots of friends up this way and I haven't hung out with them before.  But I am sure it will be way fun. 

  • Today I am entering my 3rd trimester!!!  So crazy and exciting!

  • I made a couple new headband styles that I will be adding to the store soon!  Let me know if you want one if they aren't in the store yet.

What things are making you guys happy today?


  1. I love the shoes!! And congrats on the potty training... one of my sisters seriously struggled with the poop part... she would walk up and ask that we put a diaper on her then when she was "done" she would waddle back over and ask you to take it off and "clean 'er up!" It took practically holding her on the toilet for hours until she would finally make good use of the potty ;)

  2. That blond curly hair is so cute:) I hope it stays that way.

  3. Dari you are a beautiful lady and such a great mom!

  4. Yay on potty training! She is getting so big. And I hope Girls Night Out went well :)


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