Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have not done one of these in a while and I am in a giving mood today. 

Do you want to know why? 

Because I just won a fabulous giveaway on THIS blog.  You must check out her work, it is seriously amazing!  I was like a giddy school girl when I found out I won and I would love to make someone else feel that way too! 

So here is the deal.  I have had a great response to my newest headbands posted on Etsy and I would like to give you guys the chance to win the one of your choice.

The Pom Pom
{this one can be made with 3 smaller flowers as well}


The Perfect Bow
{I can make this one in black and white plaid too}

All you have to do is:
  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Halloween. (US residents only and 1 per person please)
  • Check out the headbands listed on Daris Day Shoppe then in case you don't win, you will know what you want to buy ;)
  • Enter by Monday, November 1st @ 8:00 AM (MST)
  • I will draw a winner shortly after that (via
  • Feel free to blog, Facebook and twitter the giveaway.


  1. My pathetic answer, candy ;)
    My better sounding answer is carving pumpkins. It's sick but I seriously LOVE it!

  2. I love seeing my kids in their costumes! Priceless.

    Congrats on winning that beautiful picture!

  3. I love everything about Halloween! It's my life long goal to see a real ghost. Halloween seems like a perfect time to see one, right :)

    You are so talented!(not just saying this to win... but if it help. haha) Your headbands are so so so cute!

  4. I love making creative costumes with my sister. One year we made her a fireplace with a picture frame around her head like she was just a picture on the mantle:) Its fun...this year we are going to be gumball machines:)

    Cute headbands!!...that is so thoughtful of you to do a giveaway:)

  5. CANDY! And dressing the little people up... okay, so that's probably my favorite thing, but the candy is awesome too. ;) And dude, I didn't know you had an Etsy store! Right on.

  6. I of coarse LOVE chocolate and getting to raid my kids buckets for it! Also letting my kids totally pick what they want to be and making it happen for them! Love their ideas! Love the POM POM band want me one of those:)

  7. I stumbled upon your cute blog today and I am glad I did :) You are very talented and your little girl is adorable.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday because you get to dress up like a treasure troll and no one can judge you! I also love seeing my cute nephews in their costumes.

  8. What I love about Halloween is watching scary movies all the time! I love that some channels on TV are totally devoted to scaring the living daylights out of me. LOVE IT!! Remember when we would go watch scary movies at Big-O? I also really love getting dressed up and acting like a fool.

  9. favorite thing about halloween this year is seeing tyler so so excited for it to come. All his excitement has made the decor, carving, and prep that much more enjoyable-to see his reaction. Getting me a pom pom one for sure :) so cute!

  10. I love Halloween because it truly is the very start...the very beginning of the holiday season. It just tips off the most amazing time of year. To be completely honest though...I get totally grossed out and have a hard time pulling the seeds and innards out of the pumpkins. But I push through for my twin four year olds. Found you through Brooke and Congrats on your BIG WIN!! Love you site too and I hope I win!

  11. My favorite part about Halloween is seeing all the fun trick or treaters! I love seeing all the costumes!

  12. Dari! What a small world! I stumbled upon your blog when I saw you linked in Rachel's friends...who knew? Congratulations on your cute little family and the new addition that is on his way! Love the gray pom pom head band...who knew you were so talented! I'll definitely have to check out your etsy shoppe when the semester settles down.

  13. I love dressing my son up in his costume and making halloween cookies and cupcakes with him =)

  14. us residents only??? wah!!! fine! i see how it is dari!!


  15. Sorry Rach, I love all my international friends too!

  16. Hey congrats on your win on Brooke's Blog! Happy for you. You have the cutest lil' fam. You gotta post a photo of it when you get it in the mail :) aw. well i don't celebrate halloween, but i love the pom pom & the striped headband is beyond adorable ;)

  17. oh my bad it's not a headband, it's just a bow..just realized that. lol. well i still love it. lol.


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