Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ghosts and Girls

There have been some fun things happening lately.  We have been busy, but having a great time.  This last Saturday I had a baby shower, a family Halloween party and a Girl's Night at Amanda's in Orem.  I was running around crazy all day.  But it was a blast!

Here are some photos from the family Halloween party.  Apparently we were unintentionally the "controversial" couple at the party.  Since Chris was an Arab oil trader and I was Juno (most people thought it was cute.  But one lady, not related to me, thought that it was bad and that the movie "increased the teenage pregnancy rate" ha ha  I don't think that is because of the movie Juno...FYI lady)

People kept calling him a terrorist, we had to correct them and inform them that not all Arab's are terrorists ;)
 Lola the Butterfly, she kept looking through the hole in the blocks saying "cheese".
 P.S. This wonderful little lady is pretty much potty trained all the way now, pooping included.  I don't want to say she is completely, because if she has an accident here or there, I still want to be truthful ha ha  Sometimes kids get playing and forget to go to the potty... it's a hard gig being a kid ;)

Then later that night we had Girl's Night at Amanda's.  Here are Nichole and Meagan getting glitter toes.
 Jeanette and Brit
 Amanda's friend from her old work, Cheryl and Heather
 Me, Nicole and Amanda
 These girls are so much fun to be around and are my "soul sisters", (hate that Train song) if you will.  We are a lot alike and can be ourselves around each other.  They are definitely special to me!

Here is a little preview of the family pics we took the other weekend.  I am very excited to get the disc with all the photos so I can share them with you guys!  There are some adorable ones of Miss Lou!

This weekend has lots of fun things in store.  Including: Lola's first, real, trick or treating experience, getting my hair did (finally), lots of family time and a friend's baby blessing. 

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween Weekend!! I know there are lots of "scaries" in store for us!!


  1. I love all of your Halloween costumes - especially Juno! Are you taking Lola trick-or-treating around the Payson neighborhood? If so, be sure to stop by my mom's house - we will be there!

  2. Love the costumes, they are great! I can't believe that lady said if Juno made teenage pregnancy more appealing to teens! Pretty sure that the increase is just from teens not being very smart! I'm excited to see the rest of your family pics! Where did you have them taken?

  3. Aren't people silly sometimes? They assume they know everything and that everyone's entitled to know what they think. Had she even seen Juno?

  4. Raquel- The pics were taken at an old barn in Mapleton.

    Kelly- I think she had seen it but I am not sure. I told her that Juno definitely didn't make pregnancy look desirable in any way ha ha


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