Thursday, April 22, 2010

The BIG 5-0

My dad turned 50 last weekend and we did it up right! My mom had the idea to throw him a surprise Birthday get-together. We did it open-house style and invited family and a few close friends. It worked out great and we had such a fun time!! We got "Look who's 50" t-shirts and dad kept saying, "Why did you use the picture from my Junior year? My Senior picture was so much better." ha ha My sister Nic made an awesome 5 0 cake with the help of her culinary major friend Jordi and it was delicious. We had all sorts of appetizers and desserts.

Happy Birthday to my dad!! He is one of the most honest, sweet, and hard-working people I have EVER met. I can only hope to be more like him with each day. I love him so much and can't say enough about him. Thanks for everything you have done for us dad and for helping us achieve all the goals we set for ourselves.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ron! Love the shirts! Did you know that your dad bought Kari her first "Big Mac" hamburger many years ago? Yep, she came home and told me and I was so jealous!


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