Thursday, April 22, 2010

Belated Egg Hunting Madness

This last Saturday we made up for the Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ that was supposed to take place over the stormy Easter weekend. It was beautiful weather and so much fun! We had it at my Uncle Brad and Aunt Jan's house. (Isn't their yard beautiful?!) They live right by Salem pond, so we had a great view! There were over 500 EGGS for the children to gather up and there were only 10 kids, if that, so the older kids got in on the fun as well. We had great food and fantastic company, I love my family so much! Oh and this was Lola's 1st Easter Egg Hunt!!!! She loved it and thought she was very important lugging around her ah-GHETTO grocery sack, we all forgot Easter baskets- what do ya do?
Lola was swinging on a big girl swing all by herself! P.S. Stop growing Lola!
Note: Mom's skinny jeans, too cute! I keep her looking fly and mature as well ha!
This picture is to illustrate my husband's maturity level. Hence why we have so much fun. He is propelled by some power within to do these horrible, unattractive, chipmunk faces in my cute girl photo's. One day I will devote a post to his chipmunk/evil elf faces. Disclaimer: You might pee your pants because of how much you will be laughing.
The brothers {minus Rhett, he was working}
The sisters


  1. you are the cutest mom I have ever seen! I love the hair! xox

  2. FUN!! You are all so stylish!

  3. I just love your mom, she is so cute. Lola is such a pretty girl too! We need to go swimming again!

  4. I'll be your photographer at family outings... That was so fun! So I really think you should do a creepy elf face blog of Chris. That would be so funny! Love you!


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