Monday, March 29, 2010

My Answer to Burning Question Number 5

Sorry for the delay... I kinda, sorta, maybe forgot about this one for a minute... or so. Click HERE for the Burning Question itself.

As far as the article goes, I think some of the ways the author described the women at the conference and the tone that was used was not-so-nice. But I don't think the article was trying to say in any way that blogging mom's are bad mothers or that blogging is not valuable. The author herself is a blogger and she also mentioned how valuable these blogs can be to companies and small businesses for advertising. That being said, it would've been nice if she were more positive about mom's being go-getter's and making a business out of these electronic journals known as blogs. Also if she would have referenced the conference organizers or their blog, since they were the reason that particular convention existed. She could have mentioned that they have a really great thing going with their network of women and that a lot of people are a part of a positive thing that those 2 ladies created. {That I happen to be a part of, even though I am not very active in it} Click HERE to find out more about SITS or click the link on the side of my blog.

To my second question I say: There should be moderation in all things. Of course their could be moms out there who put too much time into blogging or the Internet in general. But I feel that most mothers are responsible enough to know how to balance their family and blogging. It is great if they can make money from their blog or if they do it to feel a part of a community. I know for me I enjoy blogging, I am not sure many people read it now-a-days. But that is ok with me. I do it for me, to journal my life and if I am able to share things I am passionate about with other people then even better. I think for many people blogging is a release and a creative outlet and if anything it is a fun and productive hobby to have.

Keep on blogging everyone!!

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