Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday- Broken Social Scene

Let's go back a ways to BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE, these guys have been around since '99 and has from 6-19 members at any given time. This band is fantastic! Click on the bands name above to read more about them. Some of their members through the years have included: Leslie Feist {Feist}, Emily Haines {Metric}, Amy Millan {Stars}, awesomeness all around and that is just a few of the members. Supposedly on the new album all three of these ladies are on a song TOGETHER!! The new album drops May 4th, oh happy day! If you go to the band's website you can hear 3 full-length songs from the new album, "Forgiveness Rock Record". In the meantime, here is an oldie and a new one as well.

"Windsurfing Nation" from the album "Broken Social Scene" (2005)

"Forced to Love" from the forthcoming album "Forgiveness Rock Record"

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