Monday, March 15, 2010

Burning Question Number 5

Over the last few days there has been quite a hubbub about THIS article in the New York Times entitled, "Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand". There are many "mommy bloggers" who are outraged and think that this article is belittling or saying that mommy bloggers can't be good mom's and good bloggers at the same time. Go HERE to read more from the outraged mom's. I can't say I agree that this is what the article is saying, I will tell you more about my opinion later. But I would like you to take a minute to read the article and weigh in on the issue, if you would like.
Here is my main question(s) or part 2 of the question, if you will:

Do you think mom's who blog, professionally or frequently, put too much time and effort into blogging and branding and not enough time into raising kids, cooking, and the like? {maybe this is the wrong audience to be asking... ha}

Or have you met someone who has given you a hard time about being a blogger or looks at blogging negatively?


  1. I feel like everyone around me looks at blogging negatively. I think it takes a lot to continually update a blog. It takes more than I think the "negativers" know. So, do I get a hard time? Yes, but am I a overdoer blogger? No. But I have wondered how the Pioneer Woman hometeaches her children and has multiple posts up daily. She's a better woman than I am...but I don't judge her negatively because of it. I say more power to the ladies that can maintain a household and blog their lives away.

  2. I do think too many women spend way too much time trying to be the next big name in blogging.

    But that being said it seemed to me like the woman that wrote it was trying to ruffle feathers more than make a point.

  3. I think everybody needs a hobby or an escape and blogging is a great outlet. Its also much easier than having "parties" selling things. If mom's can make a little extra income, why not? I think the NY Times are aggravated these blogs are getting more readers than their newspaper. Are they going to dis Etsy next? Motherhood's about learning how to juggle things and blogging can help.

  4. Blogging is the ONE thing I do for myself. It is my journal, photo album, and therapy all in one. I also am able to share with family back in Utah what we are doing and fun pics of the kids since we don't get to see them often. For those people that are critical of blogging mom's they need to keep their noses out of our business. If it's not blogging it's something else and there will alway be critics. We mom's know when we need to drop things to help our kids and there is alway time to squeeze in blogging. For me it is a lot faster than writing or srapbooking so I do have that important time to take care of my lovely little ones.

  5. I had one friend, not too long ago, one day abruptly admit that she spent too much time being a good mom on her blog, and not enough time being a good mom in real life. She ended her blog that very day.
    It did really open my eyes and help me realize that it's not that important. Especially considering that each blog page is looked at an average of 5 seconds at a time!!
    Now I blog once a week, and spread it out worth of several days of posts. It's worked great for me.
    But I still hate it when I haven't been on the computer for a few days and I feel like I'm "missing out"...especially because I'm really not.

  6. I think you have to be careful how much time you spend doing anything. It's how you prioritize and what things you deem are more important in your life. Number 1 being your family. I think blogging for woman can be compaired to guys who game to much. Are they also spending to much time on the computer and not with their fam. That being said I don't think either are bad. I think it's a quality/quantity thing........and someone always has to be complaining about something are the world would cease to go round.

  7. My kid is healthy and happy. I usually don't blog unless he is asleep or having dad time anyway.
    If you push your family away to blog, you need help. I think most mom's are really good at a balance between doing something for her self and still caring for her family.


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