Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday- Doves

The DOVES are a good oldie and are still going strong. I decided to share an old fav and a new one as well. So wet your chops on this musical goodness!!

{Stingy bums won't let you embed the original video so here they are live on Jools Holland and click HERE to see the official video}

"Pounding" from the album, "The Last Broadcast" {2002}

"Kingdom of Rust" from the album, "Kingdom of Rust" {April 2009}


  1. Oh yay!!! I Love Doves so much. Pounding is probably my all time favorite song, truthfully....well ok, it's probably tied with a few others but I adore it to no end!

  2. I heart the Doves. :) Thanks for putting these on this week! Ya!


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