Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesdays are my friend

Now that I am back on my old schedule at work and have Tuesdays off again, I am loving life! I use that day to do all the above and beyond cleaning and organizing. This last Tuesday was no exception. Lola and I hung around all day, got in the tubby, watched "UP" and cleaned. Luckily I was cleaning in her room so she could play with all of her toys and was happy that I was there to keep her company.

Since she was born, her closet has been the "chuck-everything-baby-oriented-in-there-and-forget-about-it" area. It was a mess and every time I would look in there I felt like a bad person, ha ha not that bad, but I hated it. I try to be a clean and organized person so it was definitely a thorn in my side. But it no longer is!

My mom had some old storage containers, since she has been switching hers out while spring cleaning, so I thought there was no better time to tackle the beast.


side note: the crappy Walmart diapees- Chris was trying to save a buck but has since realized this was a mistake. He probably wondered why I reacted so strongly when he came home with them. Let's just say it has been leak city around here! Plus Walmart is the devil, we had to use a gift card...


Since we don't use her changing table anymore I decided to do something else with it. It is nothing great but it adds a little extra light and puts a few things at arms length.

Lola in my old tutu from when I was little, watching UP. She looks enthused eh?

Also on Friday Lola and I had a super fun day with my friend Jess and her baby Aiden!! We went and ate at the new Zupa's in Layton {love it} and then went shopping!! I think I should be a personal shopper. We had so much fun, finding Jess cute new clothes that make her feel great since she has been working hard to lose weight. She deserves new clothes for that! Lola and Aiden love each other I think... future BFF's...

We bought Lola this kitty headband for 99 cents, what a steal! They are so funny!


  1. what a drastic difference, the closet looks great! You could be a personal shopper or a personal closet organizer as far as I'm concerned!

    Lola is adorable...

  2. I love the kitty headband! Way to go on the closet organization! You can be my personal shopper...I need help!

  3. Great job!!! Doesn't it just feel great? You did an awesome job, I am so giddy!

  4. Awesome job on the organizing!! Feel free to come to my house the next time you want to organize anything!! I can't believe Lola is 17 months!! She looks like such a little girl now and not so much like a happens WAY too fast.

  5. Wowsers!! I am super impressed by your organizational skills, I need you to teach me!

  6. I love this whole post! The organizing was seriously a miracle makeover and I am so in love with it! And Lola just happens to be THE cutest kid in the whole world!!

  7. The closet looks great!! Lola is getting so big and is so cute!

  8. Lola is such a cutie!!! She is a sassy little lady. PS. I think her and Aiden will be BFF's too. and I wish I had every Friday off to go to lunch and shopping with you! I had a blast.....

  9. I love my Tuesdays off too! It's nice to catch up on everything you normally couldn't with work getting in the way ;) You were very productive on this particular Tuesday!


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