Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conversations with Baby Lou

I just talked to Lola on the phone and this was our conversation:

Me-Hi Lola
Lola-Hi ma ma {first time she has said that on the phone}

Me-How are you?

Me-You love dada?
Lola-Ya {and more gibberish}

Me-I love you
Lola-I lub ooo

Lola-Two, weee {she can only count to 3 so far, she is working on 4,5,6}

Me-I love you
Lola-I lub ooo

Me-Bye bye talk to you later.

She is starting to talk A LOT more and it always catches me by surprise! Our little baby is growing up. I can't believe she is 17 months now! We love her sooooo much!!!
See, so grown up. She wears mascara now! OOPS!


  1. So cute! She is so adorable Dari. I miss her.

  2. Oh!!!! I love her!! I want to hear her talking jibberish.

    And those pig tails are SO cutie pie.

  3. Too funny!! I can't believe how big she has gotten and for me that is just through pictures! Time just passes by too quickly! 17 months! LOL love that she's already wanting Momma's make up!

  4. She is one smart cookie. Max just wants to press the buttons on the phone and laugh.

  5. She is so darling. I'm not really wanting a kid yet but after reading this blog post I'm getting baby hungry. So precious.


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