Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Late Music Monday- The Appleseed Cast

This week is the big transition at work, where we are taking over all the Albertson's stores, so it has been so crazy... hopefully today will be calmer here at Associated...anyway, back to the task at hand.

I have loved this band for so long and felt like highlighting them today! The Appleseed Cast is one of those bands that takes me to my happy place when I hear them {like Owen does}. I remember watching them at Kilby Court a few years back and just loving it. They are great live and have an "aura" about them. You can tell they love the music they share with everyone. I tried to find a video for my favorite song "Silas' Song" from the album "Peregrine" but all they had were mini music videos that don't even have the best part of the song on it. Click here to go to the link where you can listen to it. But here is another good one. "Fight Song" from the album "Two Conversations".

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