Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok work has been crazy and I NEVER get on the computer at home, I don't have time... so sorry about the lull in posts this week. I guess we will skip Music Monday and go right into the highlight of my weekend!!!! Back in August Chris bought me 2- "So You Think You Can Dance" tickets, for my Birthday! I was sooo excited! I love this show and it makes me miss dancing so much. {I need to find a way to start back up} I took Jeanette with me and we had a BLAST!! We ate yummy Chinese food before hand and had so much fun at the show. Here are some pics to prove it!!
Randi- our hometown girl {I don't love her, but had to show some love for the local}

the "butt dance"

The baliwood dance

Jason, enough said

The dance on the tables with water dance, so hot!!

Jason and Janine

Us having a great time

The addiction dance {love this}

The breast cancer dance {this and the addiction dance were some of my fav's this season... and the vampire one!!}

Everyone in the finale number

Phillip, Evan, and Kupono were some of other fav's of the night. I was so glad Phillip was there and did an EXTRA long solo!!! Thanks Jeanette for accompanying me!!!! I may have to make this show a tradition. Did any of you guys go? Do you watch the show?


  1. Oh Dari, I searched for you haha I figured I'd be able to spot you...but I was so wrapped up in this scammed wrist band I don't think I gave a full on search. Wasn't it the greatest night of your life?! I wish you could've gotten scammed wrist bands and met the dancers with us!

  2. I love SYTYCD! Randi is in my ward. I bet the concert was amazing!

  3. I LOVED the vampire one so much!! Thanks so much for bringing me with you! I had such a great time!!! Hooray!

  4. I think the addiction dance is one of my favs of all the seasons. What a powerful statement! I'm glad you had fun! Miss you tons!!!


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