Thursday, October 8, 2009

The SHOW!!!

{Disclaimer: I am trash talking in this post... but this is my blog so what the hey :) }
Last night was the Passion Pit show and it was a BLAST!!! Brit and I had a grand old time!! Minus one thing... dumb, belligerent, obnoxious-drunk girls...seriously ladies, do you need to say and do the following things repeatedly {and drive EVERYONE around you nuts??}

The Offenders:

{aka groupies, they were trying to hit on the band and get free things from them... like what, a shweaty towel or a used bottle of water??}

The Offenses:

  • Taking literally 50 self portraits {"K guys lets be sexy".... "let's dance".... "let's be sassy"... etc}

  • Then proceed to say over and over "This is going on Facebook, mobile upload!" and "I am gonna tag the sh*t out of you on Facebook" and "This is going to make John so jealous".

  • They danced crazy, even when the band wasn't playing and kept saying, "Why are we the only ones dancing right now?" Answer: Because you are dancing to the intermission, background music and you are too drunk to know!

  • Smacking people in the face with their bleached blond hair, whilst dancing uncontrollably.

  • Hitting people in the face with their camera phone in their out-stretched hand, while taking more self-photos.

I am a patient person but I was about to lose it, so we moved over where there was more room and more fun dancing going on and the rest of the show was a joyous occasion. I even ran into my good buddy Dallin. We go clear back to the days of working at AE!! I love him!!

Passion Pit, in the flesh

A big old THANK YOU to Brit for being my date for the night and for dancing lots and laughing at crazy people with me. Passion Pit was awesome live and I can't wait for our next outing!!

{I had a really hard time getting these self photos to work, I promise we were considerate of others while attempting to take them. I literally took 15 different tries to end up with these 2 that I got ha ha}

The band being great...


  1. HA HA HA. I love so much that you took a picture of the drunken Ho's.

    I'm glad Brit went with you too! Sorry I couldn't come! Miss you!

  2. I love everything about this post! I love all the Facebook comments!

  3. The humanity at concerts is always appalling!

    I also posted it about it some time ago.

  4. When I went to the Britney Spears concert...haha...there were SO many drunk girls in lingeries taking thousands and thousands of pictures and screaming A LOT!!! I hear ya! Nothing is worse. Glad you could move away from the problem.

  5. I hate girls. Kill them. Except a few faves and I leave that up to you to decide who they are.

  6. Dang I seriously wanted to slap a bit*h. They were SO annoying! And not even to just us! Everyone around them! p.s. you forgot to mention that the one bleached out hoe was a MAN! Other then that then night was a great success! Much fun indeed my dear! Can't wait for next time!


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