Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Monday- Regina Spektor

I am finally getting around to blogging about Regina. I must admit, I hadn't gotten into Regina Spektor before this newest album came out.... I know, shame on me!!! Now I will get all of her older stuff and love it too, I am sure. Anyway, I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH of this new album. She is such a beautiful person with a beautiful voice. Today's song is "Eet"from the album, "Far", released in June. {It was hard to just pick one song, they are ALL so good!}

What a beauty!!

Looks like there is another concert to add to my list... She will be here November 6th, get tickets HERE.


  1. I LOVE Regina. You have no idea! I watched her on SNL this weekend and I got so excited to see her live in November! The ticket is on my fridge as a reminder ;) So many good concerts this weekend. I don't know if you like Ingrid Michaelson but she is playing at the same venue This Saturday and Imogen (who I hear is AMAZING live) is playing at the same venue the week after Regina. This is the season for good shows!

  2. I sooo love Imogen and am planning on going to the show FOR SURE!!! I went the last time she came and it was AMAZING!!!! It was the most packed that I have EVER seen that venue and I go there quite a bit!! YAY!!! I am so excited!

  3. I heart Regina.
    I gotta tell ya, I absolutely love that you have music mondays! It puts a smile on my face to hear music I've never heard before, or amazing music that I already love. Thanks!


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