Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Why you gotta be diva"

The title is what Chris says to Lola more and more often lately. It is one of his best baby-talk lines. She already has attitude and shows it on an almost daily basis. It is more funny than anything but we don't want her developing any bad habits ha ha That is what he says when the "diva" comes out.
Yesterday Lola and I went to my friend Tami's house and had lunch with her and her 2 cute kidlets. After Lola broke her baby food jar on the tile floor {oh dear} and finished lunch....we were all playing and I was holding baby Leo. Lola wanted to hold him because she LOVES little babies, so I put him on her lap and she gave him a huge hug and was so cute. So I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures and the pictures tell the rest of the story...
{playing with his mouth and having a great time}

{a little less interested}

{what is this!? a smack in the face!!! Don't worry, it wasn't hard, he didn't even flinch but GEES!! I told her NO and she looked me in the face and did it again! Look at the joy in her face. *hangs head in shame*}

After the incident, we tried on her Halloween costume! Thanks to Tami for letting us borrow it. I think it is the cutest ever!! Lola also played with Lucy and her fun toys! {sadly I didn't snap a pic of them playing}

Now I need to figure out what I am going to be for the annual family Halloween party this weekend. Any ideas? What are you guys being for Halloween?


  1. Ha ha, i can just hear saying that, "Why you gotta be a diva?". Har har. Funny stuff. That peacock costume is SO CUTE and clever. Love it!!

    I am being a pirate for halloween...I figured, since I missed the Pirate Party, I best put my fake musket and sword to good use.

  2. That is the cutest costume ever!!

  3. Holy Lola is adorable! I love that girl. I'm all about the diva little girls. I think that Halloween costume is a hit!

  4. I love the costume as well! So cute and original! I've never seen that one before! As for me, I am going to be a witch...I know boring and unoriginal! However, we have a witches party this year so I needed the costume anyway. I made a spooky tutu and have an awesome hat! Might a suggest a clogging ensemble?!? Tami Judd (Tuttle) did that last year, and oh my was it funny!

  5. Loving the costume! And Lola is adorable as always. I swear she looks so much older every day!


  6. Oh my GOSH!! Her peacock outfit is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!! What a doll!! And ps: her hair is getting lighter...or maybe it's just the pictures...or maybe it's just me. :) I love her head full of curly locks!

  7. cute outfit! She sounds like quite the little spitfire!


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