Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There is a frame on the wall by the time clock up front of the warehouse. They rotate the picture in it monthly and sometimes it seems even more often then that. The posters are usually pretty cheesy and silly but have little tid-bits of safety info and common sense things.

Well this last one for September wins an award. The first time I saw it I was by myself and laughed out loud at it whilst reaching for my phone to take a pic... no phone, no luck.

The next time I saw it I was with my friend Jess and she started laughing and asked if I thought it was as funny as she thought it was. I assured her that I did and ran her through the first instance of seeing it. Again, I reached for my phone to snap a picture, no luck.

Fast forward to Monday. I am on a call and after I get done, I flip around in my seat and notice something new... my awesome friend had put the poster up in my cubicle while I was on the call!!! I started laughing so hard and immediately called her to thank her for my gift! Here it is, I think it is mostly the goofy/creepy looking male "model". I have had multiple people tell me that he is creeping them out. Lets see how long it takes for someone to have enough of him and tear him down HA HA

I think I may have to start a new blog feature to show you these "awesome" posters, that are so "helpful". These are almost as bad as the Motivational Posters. {please tell me you think those are as ridiculous and I think they are!} When we remodeled the upstairs offices and my friend was helping to decorate it, I made her PROMISE me she would not hang any of those awful/tacky posters up anywhere!

There have been some additions to the poster in the last couple of days.... those will be in the next chapter of the story.

P.S. Passion Pit is tonight and its not too late to get a ticket if any of you want to join Brit and I!!!


  1. I love stuff at the office that entertains you! And yes, he creeps me out too. AND I would love to go to Passion Pit with you if I knew who that was.

    PS: Did you notice any new buttons on my blog? ;)

  2. I wish I was attending Passion Pit with you two girlies. Do have fun and miss me a little, for I will miss you and the fun you're having.

    PS. That poster is HILARIOUS.

  3. My husband got one from where he used to work. It was a restoration company, and though I can't remember what it said, it had a doctor, fireman, policeman, and restoration tech on it and was making them all look like heros, as if being a restoration tech, sucking up water from a flood compares to life saving occupations. I know it doesn't sound funny, but we think it is hilarious.

  4. oh my word, how nerdy! I love it.


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