Monday, October 5, 2009

An open invitation....

Ok apparently I am out of the loop because I had to find out *today* that this Wednesday, yes 10/7, PASSION PIT is here at Urban Lounge, yes I pretty much LOATHE the Urban Lounge but I would be willing to sacrifice in order to see Passion Pit and dance to my little heart's content....

WHO WANTS TO COME!?!?!? Anyone, it is only $19 I do believe. Jeanette, Brit, Amanda, etc

These guys are awesome, remember...


  1. Dern it. I choose the worst times to be sick.:( If Urban didn't always start their shows so DAMN late I might consider it, but I best be getting my little sicky self to bed early this week.

  2. Hmmm...Let me talk to Scotty and let you know. We have our first childbirth class tomorrow and it seems like we had plans I'll keep you posted!


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