Monday, June 29, 2009

This weekend...

... we did the following.
  • Went shopping at the mall {Macy's up here has a MAC counter now, how did I not know that earlier!}
  • I got a new PHONE
  • Went on a mini-date with my cute hubby at yummy El Matador
  • Hung out with Papaw and Granny AKA Mike and Betsy
  • Went to mewithoutYou and The Dear Hunter, with good buddies.
  • Saw ducks on our little walk at an awesome park in Layton

Lola watching the ducks.

  • Went to the Library and got our Davis County Library cards and checked out books {Chris was so excited and was even more excited that it was free, he is so cute!}

Lola reading "Chicken Soup With Rice", one of my childhood favorites.

  • Had such a great weekend!

We are excited to spend this weekend down in Utah County with the other side of the fam for the 4th!!! One of my very favorite holidays!


  1. Ok, so good news- I am going to be at the Gordon reunion please tell me you'll be there and that I'm guaranteed some Lola time. I know she'll want you or kids more than me. But if I can just see her I'll be so happy.

    Also, chicken soup with rice was like my favorite when I was little. Please tell me, have you ever heard the singing version? Nothing is better! Maybe all of them came with the tape but I listened to that on my way to high school many a good times.

    My dad's favorite place to eat is El Matador...maybe I shoudlnt' say favorite but he talks about it all the time yet I've never been. Strange.

  2. That picture of Chris and Lola is so super cute! Sounds like a grand weekend! Yay! I'm glad!!

  3. Love The Dear Hunter! Bet that was a fun show.

    Yay for reading! Good job starting Miss Lola early. Do you like Chicken Soup with Rice because of our fabulous Aunt Julee? Because that's sure why I like it. I remember her cute little sets of books.

  4. Lola gets cuter everyday. I don't know if you have noticed, but it's happening. You better watch out...she is going to be a heartbreaker!

  5. Oh my GOSH, that picture of Chris and Lola is sooo cute!

  6. Lola looks like she's getting big, but then I see that picture of her and Chris and he is a giant compared to her. haha

  7. Oh my goodness! Your little girl is adorable! I am so glad I found you guys on here so we can somewhat keep in touch! :) I LOVE your headbands!


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