Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer favs

I have seen some people do things like this and it reminded me that I used to back when I would sit and think of fabulous things to blog about in my loverly office that i had all to myself when I had so much downtime that I would browse blogs nearly all day and g chat with nutter in between... ok I still have some downtime, hence me blogging right now...I digress. Here are some of my must haves for the summer, a few of them I am still working on getting.
Some comfy duds, preferably TOMS

Intensely strong SPF, especially if you are a baby or Dari... I burn like an albino.
Cute, strappy sandals

All the summer MAC makeup you can handle

Anything with this pattern on it, in any color {its hot}
A sweet sun hat, this is similar to baby Lola's.

The cutest shorts on the face of the earth *on the wish list!!!*
A super-sexy swimsuit, like mine below!! Love it!

Any high-waisted skirt/shorts you can find.

I am sure I left a few things out, oh well... what are your summer fav's and have-to-haves??


  1. Now if only I had the money to purchase all those summer must haves!! I'm pretty sure I don't have any of them...besides the albino burning skin. True Religion shorts...oh the things I would do for that. I think it'd be super rad if when I see you this summer you're sporting all of those items!

  2. My #1 Summer fav: Otterpops!! They always cheer me up! Speaking of which, I got my headband in the mail today! I love it...I have gotten, oh, like 100 compliments. And I tell them to go straight to your website. You crafty crafter.

  3. I want ALL of these things, excepting the make up (because I'm not good at wearing it) and the 70spf because I prefer 8 spf.:) I'm loving checkery patterns lately too, kind of obsessed actually, even though I have no money to satisfy my obsession, sniff.

  4. fun list! pretty much all of your faves are mine:)

    so i know this is so LATE ... but here is my answer from your comment on my ASF convention post ... my husband's dad own's Day's Market. It is in Heber and Provo. have you ever heard of it?? he runs the Heber one and my husband works in the Provo one. anyway, that is how we are affiliated with associated!


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