Friday, March 20, 2009

My optomistic post... subtle eh?

I was challenged HERE to link an optimistic post, whether old or new, to this blog for a little contest. Well, I wanted to write a new one, because it is a good day and I have a lot to be happy about/thankful for!! If you want to help me win a little contest click on "HERE" above to vote for me! All you have to do is leave a comment on that post that says you vote for "Daris Day". If you don't want to vote, then just enjoy this happy post! ;)

This little saying/picture above is a good one for me to look at daily, because lets face it, I work in Customer Service... no it really isn't that bad and most of the callers are nice.

Here are a few things I am happy about:

  • Today is Friday, that means no work for 2 days!

  • Lola, she is my angel and my happiness.

  • Chris is so funny and thinks I am pretty. He lets me know that daily and we all know how a girl needs to hear that often! {I heart him for sure}

  • Tomorrow I get to go to Nordstrom with mom and sis and get makeovers and get our eyebrows sculpted!

  • Lola gets her {late} 6 month pictures taken this weekend.

  • I have a great job and I no longer have to work Saturdays, hallelujah!!!

  • It is getting warmer here in Utah... we'll see how long it lasts.

  • I am doing something I LOVE.

  • I have great family and friends!!

  • I am HAPPY and CONTENT with my life!

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!!!!


  1. Hey love! I'm glad you are so happy!

    You better come and visit me tomorrow while you are at Nordstrom :) I'll be at the philosphy counter from 10-6.

    And yes I totally still want to go to Paramore/No Doubt...
    Have you seen the price tag for tickets though? GA is $90!!!

  2. Great post - I love the stuff you named - especially the sculpted eyebrows thing - that would make me pretty psyched! :o)

  3. Loved this post!

    I voted for thee. :)

    PS. I wanna go to Paramore and No Doubt too. oh MY!

  4. I love reading all of these optimistic posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  5. You are so awesome! You inspire always keep your head above water AND with a smile on your face. You're awesome! Lola and Chris are so lucky!! PS: When I get home I'll send you the pictures of Lily with her hair clip. It is so adorable, again, THANK YOU so much!


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