Monday, March 16, 2009

PF Chang's, shopping, and Coalminer's Daughter

This weekend was a lot of fun! My friend Ali has been in town! I came down to my parents house so I would be closer and could play with everybody!

Me, Ali, and Rachel {nice face!}

Friday Ali, Rach, and Lily came to my parents and we hung out and relaxed.

Lily and Lola got along swimmingly ;) Then Ali decided she would name her first born, Loly {Lola and Lily combined} ha ha

That night we {Lola and I, Chris had tons of homework and then got sick :( } hung out with my family and ate yummy thai food.
Saturday I met up with the ladies and we ate lunch at PF Chang's and shopped. It was a fabulous time, filled with crazy stories, lots of giggles, and Ali changing her mind at least 3 times on what she wanted at lunch ;)

That night I hung out with Lola and the fam again.

Sunday we went to church with my family and then I made a bunch of headbands and Nicole modeled them for me.

{don't mind that my hair looks like a rats nest}

Then we watched the Coalminer's Daughter with my mom. I bought it for my mom for her B-day, per her request. It is the story of Loretta Lynn and was quite entertaining if I do say so myself. It was pretty cute.

Aunt Nic, taking pics with Lolita!! {these are too cute!}

Hanging out with uncle Ryker


  1. That first picture of Lola and Nicole makes me want to just pinch Lola's cheeks!! I think it's cute Ryker hangs out with her while on the computer.

  2. I love the picture of Lola & Ryker...Ali and I joked all week that we wish Ryker lived at our house because he is so helpful and always does everything you ask him to do. :) It was so great seeing you! As always, Lola is a doll.

  3. You guys ALWAYS go to PF Changs! Lucky!

  4. I love that you and Lolita came down last weekend!! I can't wait to play with you guys on Saturday! YAY
    You're a cute, creative, fun sister!

  5. Love Ali! So happy she might be moving here in June!


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