Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For the last couple of weeks I have wanted to put these hilarious pics of Lola on here. She has this problem, when I try to take a pic of the headband she is wearing, she hears the camera beep and looks up. Well when I try to take a pic of her head on she sees the little red light that flashes and then makes these scary/funny faces. Here is one recent photo shoot: {you will see more of this later in the post ha ha }

This is by far my favorite!! Check out the arm.

On to Michigan... Lola and I got home from visiting Kristi and her family Sunday night. It was so fun to be able to go and meet Kristi's new baby, Bryn and see all the rest of her family as well.

We got in on Wednesday afternoon and relaxed. Thursday we went to Nordstrom and played and watched movies and pretty much for the rest of the time, we ate, relaxed, watched movies, and took care of all the little girls. It was a great break from work and making headbands and just normal life. It was hard to come back to work yesterday... but I will survive. ha ha We would like to thank the Lillian's for being such great hosts and playing with us. We had so much fun and can't wait to go visit them again when they move to Texas!

Here are some pics of the girls for your enjoyment. There are none of Kristi and I because she insisted that I didn't take any of her because she said her "face looked horrible". I wasn't in the mood to fight her on it ha ha So you will have to wait til the next trip for that.
Lola and Bryn, lots of car seats, 3 in a row!
Baby Bryn with the headband I made her :)
All 3 of them, it sure is hard to get a good pic of everyone... I put all the takes on here because it is so funny. This is where Lola makes "the face". Kristi bought them all matching outfits, so cute! Thanks Kristi!
Bryn's headband is made by me too!
I sure do love these beautiful girls! {and Kristi too} :)


  1. You know what's funny..I always wondered if you could fit 3 car seats in a car...good to know you can!

    Those pictures of Lola made me laugh out loud at work. I may have to come to this post routinely to get a good chuckle. Oh man! I want to see her so bad!!

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you had a good time! Reading your post makes me think that I need a vacation. Bad.

    I did talk to Dawn about your headbands. I showed her some too. She's so dang busy though. And (forgetful) ha. Her website is: http://www.bonjourbelle.com and the blog is: http://bonjourbellejewelry.blogspot.com/

    There's hardly anything on both of those though. Not updated very often cause she is so busy. She has a ton of stuff in her boutique. Some things are questionable but some are really cute. Ha. Maybe we can have a girls day and go see her and the shop one day.

  3. Another blog for them: http://bonjourjewelry.blogspot.com/

  4. Ha ha! Why is it that every time you want to snap a pic of kids, it takes like 3-4 tries? I can't believe how big Lola is getting! Time flies way too fast! Sounds like a great and much needed vacation!

  5. Your baby and mine are days apart! Lola is adorable! Where is Rhett on his mission?! Thanks for finding my blog...let's be sure to keep updated thru blogs...isn't the internet great?!

  6. Hey lady! love your blog and your baby!
    Do you ever look at that rediculous blog "seriouslysoblessed"??? Well whomever that is, they're a networking genius if you will... You should contact them and see if you can advertise your cute bows on her website. I couldn't see any other advertisments with bows and headbands of such, and for some reason when I was on that blog I thought about your stuff... just a thought, I'm sure you're got it all figured out.
    We should all get together soon.

  7. You know I love those pics. I couldn't stop laughing the night you took them. Then when I looked at them again I was laughing so hard! Oh my I love it, thanks for making me laugh!

  8. Dari.. Could Lola seriously get any cuter??!! She is so flippin cute! We need to hand out like... NOW! I hate that it has been so long :(

  9. Girl, I didn't know that you sold stuff on Etsy!? I love that site...Hopefully when I can build my inventory a little more, I'm going to be selling my handcrafted all original jewelery! I love the hair pieces that you've done! I've made a few pieces of Jewelery with feathers! They are so fun! I wish I had a girl, I would totally get some!

  10. Those matching pj's are to die for!


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