Monday, February 23, 2009

My gals are great!

This last week so many great things have taken place!

First of all, my BFF Kristi had he little baby girl. She was born Friday afternoon and was nameless until Saturday but they decided on Bryn River. SOO cute!! She was 7 lbs 2 oz. {wouldn't that be nice, ha ha} I am so excited to see her in real life and cuddle the crap out of her. Lola and I are going to visit March 11th-15th, Michigan, here we come! Here are some pics of the little princess.

Look at that pouty lip, so cute!

Second, on Friday night I got together with some of my greatest girlfriends at the Gateway. Chris watched the little lady and I had my first real girls night without the princess. We ate din din at Z Teja's then went to see Coraline in 3d!

Me, Kim, Brit, Sindee, and M'Liss

J nut and I

The engaged ladies!

Brit and Sindee after a rather funny moment
You may be wondering who this man, or rather, who this moustache is? Well I spied him with my little eye and had to steal Jeanette's camera to capture a pic of this rockin facial hair ha ha It was awesome! He was at the table next to us. Puts Tom Sellek to shame.

We, of course, were stoked about the 3d glasses and how great we looked in them. So we were snapping a few pics and giggling like girls do, before the previews or anything started, and the girl that was on a date behind us started murmuring something about, "have you never been to a 3d movie before... never worn 3d glasses... stop taking pictures" so any of you that know me well, you know I can be a spit fire. I couldn't just ignore her.

Here is how it went:

Rude girl behind us(RGBU): {all of the before mentioned rudeness}

me: {I turn around and look her in the face}

RGBU: "Yes, I'm talking about you guys."

me: "It's ok, calm down, honey." and turn back around and ignore any reply she may have made back. {I am a lady after all ha}

Mind you, I said that in the sweetest, kindest, yet most degrading voice I could muster. I think calling people that you don't know honey, dear, hun, sweetie is one of the most disrespectful/talking down to, things that you could do. Hence my use of it. Its ok to call your friends or loved ones those things, but not a complete stranger! Some people are so ornery and can't let other people be goofy and have fun ;)

I didn't tell any of the ladies until after the movie so I didn't ruin the fun for anyone else and burst their "giddy, 3D, picture taking" bubble.

Jeanette, muah, Brit, and Kim

Saturday I worked and then Chris, Lola and I hung out at Barnes and Noble and bought Lola some cute clothes at Old Navy with a gift card we had. Then Chris' parents came over to our house to watch the Jazz game and we ate yummy Famous Dave's to-go. A fun weekend indeed.
Lola on our way to church in her snazzy new outfit :)

In other news: Do any of you watch the Bachelor or The Biggest Loser? I am loving them. I am so mad that Jillian got kicked off of the bachelor last week, I loved her!! What do you think about the contestants on the Biggest Loser? Please comment away.


  1. You girls totally make me wish that I had a bunch of girlfriends to dine and shop and go to movies with. I am so jealous.

  2. So, this story reminds me so much of what I love about you! Not afraid to speak your mind and put someone in their place when they are being ridiculous! I mean, what kind of stick did she have up her butt? Doesn't she know that girls just wanna have fun!

    As far as the Bachelor and BL, I haven't been watching... I always say I'm going to start watching The BL but haven't yet! From what I've seen it is so inspiring!

  3. Gotta love the moustache. If only that poor man knew his lovely facial hair was on someone's blog...too funny! And I love the comment you made to the girl sitting behind you. It brings me back to our good ol' drill team days!

  4. So many things to say!

    First off...I LOVE Tom Selleck. I'm sure I've told you this before. And this man's moustache was amazing. So glad you spotted it.

    Second off...too bad I fell asleep during Coraline, glad I didn't drool on your shoulder or anything, ha ha!!! And I love that you called the party pooper girl behind us "honey"...that was so perfect!!

    Third off...Bryn River. LOVE that name. Obviously I love the Bryn part. But also the river part.

    Fourth off....that picture of Lola made my day! I wish I could stop being sick (yup, I'm sick AGAIN) so I could come visit her!

  5. Oh shoot. One more thing to say. I LOVED Jillian off the Bachelor. I'm so sad she didn't win. Oh and I am way nervous to see what happens because they're making it seem EXTRA dramatic with the After the Final Rose thing being already taped and what not. I love Melissa. And I don't want her to get her heart broken again. Sniffles.

  6. Love Little Lola's outfit, except I can't believe she is getting so big! She looks adorable though. I'm totally bummed about the Bachelor as well!

  7. Oh I hate being called honey or dear or sweetie. Ugh! Jonathan hates it when guys call him "bud".

    Oh and yes I do watch The Bachelor and Biggest Loser. I like all the contestants this year on the Biggest Loser. I don't think I have a favorite but that green girl(not sure what her name is) is an ANIMAL!

    I also think Jillian was much better than Molly and whats her face ditzy girl. So sad, I hope they pick her for the next Bachelorette.

  8. It's so fun to get out and have a girls night! My little guy is almost two and I just had my first one last week.

  9. LOVE Lola's outfit! I also love that she's looking at the camera like, Oh mom is just taking another picture. I just want to eat her up!
    You've never been afraid to put people in their place when they're being rude. Good job sis!

  10. Oh man The Biggest Loser Kills Me. I was definitely tearing up last night when they had to switch Trainers. In part I was tearing up because Bob was crying? How can you not tear up when BOB IS CRYING? It was an emotional one for sure. Tara (the green girl) is an animal!!! I kind of want her to win.

    Oh, and I didn't even know that happened with that girl. Let's be honest, What A Bitch!!! I loved that girl's night. Seriously next time it's Girl's NIght In. PJ's and all.

  11. I totally wish I was in the movie with you when it all went down. That's my Dari!

    We need to play soon...

    Oh and I was balling last night during Biggest Loser. I freaking love that show and I can't wait to watch the rest of it tonight!!!

  12. I love Lola's cute boots, she's a babe! What a funny story BTW

  13. Fist- sounds like a really fun night/weekend.
    Second- Lola is so cute.
    Third- I love biggest loser. I think Dane should have stayed and Ron should have gone home.
    I do watch the bachelor but most of the time I'm just fascinated that all of those girls, who can't find "the one" would put all of their eggs in one basket like that - then seem so shocked when it doesn't work out. The bachelor always comes off like a major player to me. Yet I can't seem to stop watching.


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