Monday, January 5, 2009

-and a good weekend it was-

Reasons why this last weekend was great {and was a much needed break from my not awesome working environment}
  • New Years Eve at Kim and Steve's with friends and my mom-in-law and Kim singing on Guitar Hero World Tour... CLASSIC!

  • Meeting Nicole at the Gateway for Happy Sumo and shopping

  • Buying the 1st season of GOSSIP GIRL for $17 and then proceeding to watch the ENTIRE thing... I am ADDICTED. I {heart} that show!!!

  • Going to Outback Steakhouse with my Chris, Lola, in laws, Kim & Steve and CJ. Then shopping at Target with them when Chris yells at the top of his lungs, "Look everybody its Tom Sellek". {That is what he calls Steve because he looks just like him} I didn't know you could echo in Target... I am NOT exaggerating. Steve's face was bright red. HILARITY!

  • John and Snigga coming to visit and playing Scene It and Rock Band 2 on the X box 360

  • Lola having a blow out in the middle of my Sunday School lesson so my poor teaching partner had to change her diaper HA HA

  • Watching the Dark Knight at our friend Ian's house on his dad's new 73" LCD TV... 73"...honestly, that is RIDICULOUS??

  • Most importantly just spending quality time with Chris and Lola!!!

Here are some pics of Lola this morning getting bundled up to go to Monica's house. She is a doll!


  1. I swear she is too freakin cute!! And what is going on at work???

  2. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL! I read the books while in highschool so I knew I had to begin watching the show from the second I saw the first preview. Hence the reason I am obsessed with becoming Blair Waldorf haha I'm so glad its back on tonight, I've been going crazy!

  3. I love Gossip Girl!! I got it at Target for $17 bucks on Friday!!! And I finished it yesterday. An awesome weekend it was!

  4. Oh Dari I just love ya! I'm sorry that you work for a bunch of A holes!!! It makes me so mad! We need to get together soon when I can play with the little Lola! She is toos tinkin cute!

  5. I love Tom Selleck. I had the hugest crush on him in his younger days...ok fine, I still have a crush on him (the young him). And sometimes I think Jesse looks like him when he has a mustache! Anyhooo, it sounds like you had a wonderful new years weekend, which makes me very happy indeed!

  6. I loved being a part of your fun weekend!! I love spending time with two of my favorite people!

  7. I loved being a part of your fun weekend!! I love spending time with two of my favorite people!


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