Monday, January 5, 2009

I thought this was funny.

I have really liked this design that I saw on Etsy. It has gained quite a bit of attention lately. {I even saw it hung in someone's house on "Lipstick Jungle", great show by the way} It's a very cute and simple design and motto. I got a smaller version for free in my order of my Obama prints that I bought from her. I have the small saying hanging in my bedroom. How true it is...

One day I saw this version of it on the internet and I couldn't pass it by. Right now this is the version I am trying NOT to do. Too cute!

Don't we all want to do the second every now and then??


  1. I love it! And not I did not just log on to etsy and order one too...

    Ha Ha. I LOVE etsy!

  2. Oh me too! I want one!! Both of them! Hahahaha!

  3. Etsy has my heart.

    I like how the crown in the second one is upside down, har har.

  4. Hey,
    So, I changed my blog address to Just thought you should know. Also, did you hear about Kelsy Prettyman's husband? My email is Email me and i will tell you more. I am jealous of your blog set up. It rocks!




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