Monday, February 16, 2009

LOVE, LOve, love

We had a very fun weekend visiting my family down in Payson. We actually met up with my parents in Salt Lake at the Gateway on Saturday and ate Happy Sumo then shopped a bit. It was fun to hang out with my parents and help get everyone Valentine's gifts from my parents. My parents bought me the cutest coat from one of my FAV stores Anthropologie. Man was I excited!!! I can never afford to get myself things from there, unless they are way on sale... plus my money goes so much further at Forever 21 :) Then we spent the rest of the weekend at their place and we even had a "romantic" family dinner at Los 4 Amigos in Payson ha ha Gotta love that place! The dinner included:
  • Crazy red, heart mylar ballons EVERYWHERE!
  • A cute Mexican boy handing flowers out to the ladies that came in.
  • Ryker spilling his Sangria all over half of the table.
  • Lola "drinking" water out of a cup. {ya she does that already... crazy. Not well though;) }

There are so many cute pics of Lola this weekend and a cute video too that you all can enjoy. Which brings me to my next thought...

Lately I find myself coming back to the same thought. Lola is amazing! Never in my life could I have imagined how much I could love her. WOW!!! It astounds me. I just look at her and it warms my heart. I knew I was very excited to be a mom and would love her so much. But being a mom is everything I thought it would be and SO MUCH MORE. I could not possibly love her one little smidge more. She makes me happy when I am sad. She brings Chris and I closer to each other. She makes me want to be a better person, so I deserve to be her mom. I seriously enjoy EVERY moment with her. Even when she is bawling, when I am putting her to bed, because she is exhausted. Last night she was fighting sleep so hard and was being a little stinker and I just sat there rocking her, thinking of how much I love her and kissing her little head. She is our princess. She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen and she makes me excited to get up everyday!

I just felt like I wanted to write about this because it has been such a recurring thought lately. I love babies!!! I would have another one soon if I didn't feel like I would be robbing Lola of her "babyhood" {Oh and the fact that we probably can't afford another one, ha ha} I am so excited to enjoy the stuffing out of Lola as she grows up and becomes a bigger baby and then a toddler and then a little girl and then.... I am not so sure I will enjoy the teenage years. {Thank heavens that is a ways off} Here she is, the princess herself!! Little lady, I couldn't possibly love you more!!

P.S. Did any of you guys watch the Office this week?? Sometimes I call Lola "Princess Lady". I was dying when Angela named her new "show cat" that!! Oh gees, Angela's cat nanny cam, that was CLASSIC!

This is Lola's new beanie that I am in love with and just bought her. I was trying to get a cute pic of her and the beanie... "problem is", when I put my phone up to take a pic, she gets so excited and opens her mouth to try and eat it and flails her arms around, so here is how it went.

try #1

try #2

try #3

try #4

try #5 {and Chris napping in the back}
Mommy and Lola

This is Lola with Ryker's glasses on, she didn't even mind :) As you can tell, she never holds still.

I found this pic of Lola and I at church, from a while ago too.

Nicole was making her laugh so hard, this was the first time I had heard some of these giggles!


  1. OMG, I laughed so hard at Angela's cat nanny cam, but then became a little creeped out when she started licking them! LOL! Okay, so I LOVE that beanie and Lola looks like a babe in it! I think I want one for myself! You are such a lucky mom! You little spill there made me get a little baby fever!

  2. This is cute Dari. I agree with you about being a mom. I had no idea I was going to love it so much. It sounds like you are a wonderful mother. Lola is so cute.

  3. You are such a cute momma :) You make me excited to have babies!! I am SO glad that you are so happy!!

  4. Oh my! Little Lola is getting so BIG. She looks so adorable. The last time I saw her was at Mike and B-Ritt's sealing. It has been way too long. Why do we have to be adults now? Geesh!

  5. I loooooove baby laughs so much! Nothing better.

    That was nice of Lola to give us a view of every angle of her cute little beanie. ;)

    I'm glad you had a wondermous and Happy Valentines day weekend! You are one cute Momma! Love ya!

  6. OH my GOLLY! Lola is so adorable in her little beanie! You sound like you are loving being a mom...I bet you're such a good one too!
    Eww...I shivered when Angela coughed up hair...who thought that one up? Gross...but SO funny!

  7. Ok so in this post when you started talking about how much you love Lola, I have to admit, it choked me up. I know exactly what you are saying and how it feels. Don't you love it? Just that feeling of soo much love and you never wanting anything bad to happen to them! She is such a doll, and you are such a good mom!

  8. I love the pic. of Lola in the glasses! That was a hoot! And what a cute little laugh she has...she is a sweetie.

  9. I love Lola's new beanie! The next time I see your car at your mom's house I am going to barge in the back door and say hello! I must see Lola soon!

  10. she is so sweet... i cant believe she can drink out of a cup.... darling!!! you are just making a little smarty pants over there aren't you!!!! good... just skip preschool and put her in the fifth grade!!!!

  11. Lola's little laugh was adorable!! She growing up so fast! I can't believe how time flys!


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