Friday, December 19, 2008

I did it again

...dyed my hair that is. It is wintertime once again and we all know what that means in Dari's world. Dark hair, at least until the warm weather rolls back around. I am finding out that a lot of people prefer me as a blonde. What do you guys think?

I had to show you my adorable headband. I am loving hair accessories lately. Especially feathers!! This headband has inspired me to make my own hair pieces, jewelry, and headbands for Lola. We will see how it goes...

Here is one of my first necklaces. You know how I love gold jewelry! {pardon the chest shot}

I know this is a couple of days late. But I am sooo glad that Michelle won on The Biggest Loser!!! She is a peach. I am not glad that Heba won the $100,000 for the non-finalists but whatever. I was hoping Amy would win that, I loved her too. Watching that season finale was so much fun. It is amazing to see the transformations these people made. It makes me feel like I can do it too. {I said this while eating a home made carmel-thanks to Ashley- and a mini candy bar} So obviously it may not be happening for me as of yet. But when I get the motivation, I believe I too can lose weight.
These people and this show are very inspirational and I love seeing how happy they are with their lifestyle changes. I can't wait for next season to start! Click here to see the transformation of Amy and all the contestants.3
Here is Michelle, the winner, before:

and after:

What a beautiful girl!!

I had to share this last pic and video of Lola. She was being so cute and happy this last weekend. I love playing with her first thing in the morning. That is her happiest part of the day :)


  1. I love the new hair color and the headband is darling! You could totally make cute, little accessories for Lola! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. So many things to say about this post!

    1. LOVE your hair. LOVE the headband soo much and LOVE the cute jewelry. I am impressed with your jewelry making skills!!

    2. I've only watched one episode of The Biggest Loser, but I really liked Michelle and her mom! I think this show is so inspiring too, it's so cool to see how happy they are after they've lost so much weight.

    and lastly 3. LOLA. I love her. I need to see her again. Oh my, she melts my heart!!!!

  3. Dari you are so cute! I love your hair! And your daughter is adorable!

  4. I love the hair color that you chose. I like to do the same darker in the winter and lighter in the summer.

    I also love the cute headband.. I have always wanted to wear one I am just afraid I might look like a dork. You on the other hand pull it off really well.

  5. SO CUTE! I love your headband, your hair, Lola, the whole shebang!

  6. Cute new hair.

    I am glad Michelle won,too. Really I wanted ANYONE except Ed, Heba, or the other finalist! (What is her name, anyway?)

    And thank you for the cute Christmas card!

  7. So fun! I love your hair and I just love to see happy Lola! I hope I can see her for real soon!

  8. I always love your hair! Those feather headbands are the cutest!

  9. I like your new hair. I'm glad you feel that way about the biggest loser. I too wanted Michelle to win. I never liked Heba!! I really liked Amy....her and her mom looked amazing. I hated the other lady in the final three, ok I really was watching the show religiously but my mind just went blank as to what her name is...she was EVIL!

  10. likey. your hair's so cute, dari!

    and lola...always precsh.

    ps: yay michelle!


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