Monday, December 22, 2008


I couldn't pass up posting these cute truths!

You didn't know becoming a parent meant...

• Stacking today's unread newspaper on top of yesterday's unread newspaper.

• Eating dinner like we're trying to break a world record for the most pasta swallowed in the shortest amount of time. Standing up. {I used to be the slowest eater ever!}

• Letting your partner choose between poop and laundry as a topic of conversation.

• Figuring out how to pee without putting the baby down.

• Wearing a bra that looks like something from a 1930s catalog.

• Spending three hours getting the baby to sleep and then waking her up two minutes later to make sure she's still breathing. {luckily this one isn't very true for us} :)

• Forgetting what you were...

What a blessing this little lady is in our lives. I could play with her and stare at her for HOURS on end. I can't imagine life without her. She makes us happier than anything in the world!!!

Here she is with Santa for our fun night out with Papa and Granny Perry.
{this is a pic of a pic, I was too lazy to go downstairs and scan it tee hee}



  1. so cute!! i love your little card!! did you guys send those out?? Hope you all are well! i miss you!!

  2. I loved getting your Christmas card...we had to tape it to the bottom half of the fridge so Lily could point at Lola and say, "Baby!" I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas!!

  3. I don't know first hand, but I've definitely witnessed those very truths in my siblings! Lola gets cuter every time I see her!

  4. Amen to "what we didn't know becoming a parent meant"! I'm glad you're loving being a mom. It's one of the hardest things, but it has so many great rewards. Cute Christmas card, too! I love little Lola's pic. She's such a sweetie. Have a Merry Christmas, Dari!

  5. So true! Our conversations consist of whether Jaxon pooped that day or not! ARGH! The things that happen when you become parents! Super cute Christmas card too!


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