Friday, December 12, 2008

Beautiful Music for the masses

I can not get enough of Adele. I have liked her for some time but I finally got the whole CD and it is fabulous! She is a talented woman with a beautiful voice! So enjoy the vocal stylings of Adele...{anyone recognize that line?... My Best Friend's Wedding...}

Chasing Pavements

Hometown Glory


  1. I bought her CD a while ago. It is good isn't it? I also have the sheet music for Hometown Glory and I play it on the piano for Ryan. He loves that song.

  2. I had heard her before and didn't really pay attention, but I saw her on Jimmy Kimmell last night and fell in love! I need to pick up her cd!

  3. beautiful music, indeedy.

    *thanks for teaching me how to be cool via your blog. you have the best taste, ever!


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