Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A quick little post to give you all a great gift idea for Christmas. These shoes are called TOM's and they are so comfy and awesome. Mostly because for every pair of shoes you buy they donate a pair to a child in need. To read about it go HERE, to watch about it look below. I love mine and our friends love theirs too. I just purchased a pair for a special someone in my life. {I think you all know who that is!} I just discovered that they make tiny TOM's!! I am going to buy a pair ASAP... sooo cute!

This really is a good cause. Let's help those in need and buy a pair for yourself or someone on your list :)


  1. I think these are so cute! I have been wanting some! Now I think I must get some!

  2. Those are so cute, and they look way comfy!
    I love looking at your blog, you have such cute posts...not to mention a cute baby! She seems like such a doll, congrats again!
    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you...we actually won't be at the Christmas party because McKay goes to the MTC on the 31st, so we will be coming up that way for that. Honestly, you are so sweet! A gift card would work perfectly. :)
    Keep in touch and tell your family hello from me!


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