Monday, November 3, 2008

Two months...

As of Friday Lola is 2 months old!!! Time flies... Here are her stats {as of her 2 month appt last monday}:

  • Height: 23 3/4"
  • Weight: 12 lbs 2oz
  • She is in the 97th percentile for height and weight and 80th for the size of her head.
  • She got some immunizations and did great!! {although she cried for just a minute in a way I had never heard before :( }
  • She is doing great at tummy time. She has neck muscles like a champ!
  • She smiles and giggles all the time now
  • Here she is on the day she was born
  • Here she is in her cute new Sunday dress yesterday. She was being such a good girl! {Sorry for the camera phone quality.}

Here are some of the cutest pics that Monica took while Lola was getting babysat! Thank heavens Monica is taking cute pics or things I'm not seeing while at work :) {look how beautiful Monica's kids are!}

Look at those eyes- while we were at dinner with the ladies a bit ago, Sindee's daughter Kendyl said it looked like Lola's eyes were gonna pop out... Now you see why she said that ha ha

I die over this picture!!! Look at that smile. I LOVE IT!!

So our baby girl is growing up too fast but I swear she gets cuter every single day... at least Chris and I think so!

Halloween costume pics to come...


  1. I can't believe she's 2 months old. She has already changed so much since she was born. Lola is a beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see Halloween pictures!!!!

  2. hi dari! i'm so glad you commented on my blog so now i get to see yours! your baby is beautiful! yeah i saw chris last week and i wish i could have seen you too!

  3. Well whose surprised she's tall!?
    Where are the poodle pics!?

  4. She's adorable! She's such a happy and stylish little lady!

  5. Hey I didnt know you were an Obama-mama!! Me too!!! And Dari, Lola is SO beautiful! I am so happy for you!! Thank you for leaving me love on my blog :) You are the best! I miss you sooo much!!


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